Trinetra – The Logo Design


Trinetra in Sanskrit language means three eyes. It is yet another name for Shiva, wherein his perception is considered to be the highest


It represents or depicts the goddess Durga/Bhairavi/Devi/Trinetrini with the highest perception


The National Bird of India. The third eye resembles the bright, vibrant and multicolored peacock feather


It resembles the oil lamp known as Vilakku/Diya/Deep in TamilNadu / India.


If we look at it carefully, one can find a person sitting with folded legs and putting hands together holding Namaskaram above the head. Without yoga would have happened to me, I would not have been where I am today with the Perception, Lightness and Clarity. Yoga is a science offered by India to the World. Only through Yoga one can, live, solve and dissolve life