Who Am I ?


✿ Pranams Sadhguru for been found you as my Guru. Without yoga i would have been a disaster, not to anyone else but to myself.
Yoga made me to blossom into an open and flexible human being.
Yoga opened me to the possibility to know What is the truth in life.
Yoga nurtured me to find the existense of there is a dimension beyond Physical & Metnal or Physiological & Psychological.
Yoga showed the beauty of what is meant to be in Grace constantly
Yoga cultivated a conscious longing to be Loving, Joyful and All Inclusive.

✿ Have high respect for my birthplace, the first soil on the earth I held my foot on, a small village named ERIYODU, in Tamil Nadu, India.

✿ Have gratitude for the single mother who gave everything in her life for us to become something in our life

✿ Feel fortunate to have 3 siblings and grown together with lots of quarrels and tons of love, and loads of memories forever

✿ There is no other perfect man, friend I could have found than him to sail through this life journey

✿ Yet another opportunity in life to learn and grow was born while joyful children are born